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Are You Taking Strategic Action With

Internet Marketing?

Linky van der Merwe Dear Business Owner and Entrepreneur
Are you not getting the results you expected from using Internet Marketing for your business?

Maybe it is because you are missing a PLAN



Marketing Strategy Profit Planner 

Without a doubt, online strategies and social media are the GREATEST marketing tools of ALL TIME but most entrepreneurs are uncertain about how to really use these tools to grow their business. Many try them out, but are doing it without a plan or a strategy to guide their online and social networking activities.

The point is that if your marketing message is not properly integrated and utilising all the appropriate marketing channels at your disposal today, your business may not be around after the next 5 years!

Where To Start

You start by creating a well-researched Online Marketing Plan in order to guide your company step-by-step how to market your products/services to a specific target market.

An effective plan will help a company remain focused on its marketing objectives.  The most successful online marketing plans integrate both Internet marketing strategies as well as traditional (offline) marketing strategies.


How will you leverage most from your Internet marketing activities?

arrow  By having a marketing strategy action plan for your business!

For only $27



Do you want to achieve your desired results from online and social media marketing?

Follow a strategic approach in creating your online and social media strategy, by using:

arrow  Online Marketing Plan Template giving you a ten-step process to create your own customised Internet Marketing Profit Plan with a bonus One Page Marketing Plan template to document the plan for easy reference
arrow Social Media Strategy Template to help you identify tactical objectives for various social media platforms, tools for integration and how to monitor and measure your activities on an ongoing basis
arrow Social Media Strategy checklist to ensure you don't miss anything important

The Online Marketing Plan and Social Media Strategy templates are complete and suitable whether you're a solo-entrepreneur, a small business owner or even part of a corporate environment. It will facilitate your thinking around what you want to achieve from Internet marketing and social media and you may use it to facilitate a workshop discussion with a team.

Once you have used the templates and checklist to make decisions, the creation of a customised marketing strategy becomes easy. It will give you a profitable plan  to follow, help you to understand how it all fits together and make it possible to measure your return on investment.

Think of the peace of mind knowing that your business is implementing a marketing strategy action plan that is tailored to your needs and will bring results! 

The social media action plan will give you tactical objectives, metrics and strategies for monitoring and measuring, that can be used for each selected social media channel.

What do our clients say about the Social Media Strategy template? 

“Social media strategy template – It is a very well thought out template. Great work with many specific tactics listed for each social media strategy”
Rob Teplansky, Teplansky Communications
“I really like your social media strategy template. I used it to work with two small clients as a tool to keep them on track. I think that you’re doing a wonderful job. Your report was well written and it helped to solidify some things in my own mind.  I’ve been in small business marketing for many years and I will definitely recommend the social media strategy template to my clients.”
Paula Chapman, SOMA Marketing & Communications
Thank you for providing clarity and direction on this information overloaded topic of social media. Your social media strategy template did provide me with a good road map of what I should do to make sense from social media marketing. Thank you.”
Johan Jordaan, No-Nonsense Business Services

What To Do Next?

Marketing Strategy Profit Planner  Download the Internet Marketing and Social Media Profit Planners today!

Start your Internet Marketing and Social Media marketing based on a strategic action plan.

Put the metrics in place to measure the results from your integrated marketing activities.
arrow Don't delay, do it the right way. 100%-Guarantee_1.gif (4196 bytes)

It's Easy To Start!


Establish you and your company as a market leader and subject matter expert by using selected social media channels in a strategic way for best results. 

Only $27

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